Lydia Lunch The War Is Never Over - A Companion Book to the film by Beth B, by Nick Soulsby (Jawbone Press, UK).  Two photographs of Lydia Lunch.



Researched, wrote and photographed over 500 articles for antique prints, contemporary art prints, and photographs for sale for Antinous Art (



From Dissonant Histories to Transcendent Art” liner notes for Tora Augestad and the Oslo Philharmonic: The Seven Deadly Sins (Weill, Brecht, Ives, Marcus Paus).  CD. LAWO Records (LWC1164).  November.  Spellemannpris (Norwegian Grammy, Best Classical Recording) winner.


Portrait of Lydia Lunch (1998) licensed for French television program, "Vernon Subutex", written by Viriginie Despentes.   Image license.    




Arne Fjeld Rasmussen & Hans Ludvig Fredheim: Med hånda på klinka.  Portrait photography. 10 December.  AFR Records



"Marco Simonelli".  Photograph portrait of poet Marco Simonelli for article "L’Amor Scortese – Intervista a Marco Simonelli".   Minima & Moralia (Italian arts publication) , 31 March 2015.


"Marea Vigessa".  Photograph of burlesque stripper Marea Vigesaa in article "Burlesk: Jeg viser alt jeg liksom skal skamme meg over".  Kvinneguiden 7, 12 July 2015.


"Untitled (Boy in Church)"; "Fellini is Roma: A Prelude to the Eternal City".  Front cover photograph plus article inside academic art history journal.   Paragone 9, 7 October 2015. University of Oslo, Department of Art History


Flesh and Excess - on Underground Film, by Jack Sargeant (Amok Books, UK).  One photograph of Beth B film poster.




"Do You Love Me: The Gene Gregorits File".   Photograph.  Monastrell Books, March 31, 2014. Monastrell Publishing


"The Triumph of Degenerate Art".  Paraphilia 16, December 14, 2014. Paraphilia Books



Portrait of Gene Grogorits and Lydia Lunch.   Photograph for article "He's Not Dead Yet: Interview with Gene Gregorits".   Vice Magazine / 1, 26 January 2013.


"Ron Athey".   Portrait of the artist.   Pleading in the Blood: The Art and Performances of Ron Athey, August 15.  Intellect Ltd.



"Bottled Babies".  Five photographs for "Bastet in Ulthar”, by Matt Leyshon.  Paraphilia 14, May 4, 2012. Paraphilia Books


"Antinous"; "Bust".  Two photographs.   Paraphilia 15, August 19, 2012. Paraphilia Books


"Insert Coin".   Photograph.   Paraphilia 16, December 13, 2012. Paraphilia Books


Lydia Lunch "Shotgun Wedding".   Photographs, CD design.  "Shotgun Wedding" (Reissue) Atavistic (ALP502CD).



"Dead Mouse".  Photograph.   Paraphilia 11, April 19, 2011. Paraphilia Books


"Four Legs", "Four Guns", "Four Knives".   Photographs.   Paraphilia 12, August 25, 2011. Paraphilia Books


"Avant Garson": Interview with Mike Garson.   Interview with artist.  Paraphilia 13, December 4, 2011. Paraphilia Books



"Frankenphant" (Art Photograph with Lydia Lunch).    Paraphilia 10, December1, 2010. Paraphilia Books


"Rembrandt".   Photograph.   Paraphilia 6, January 28, 2010. Paraphilia Books


"Isn't It Nice...".  Photograph (Triptych) .   Paraphilia 7, March 23, 2010. Paraphilia Books "Cats and Dogs".  Photograph Montage.   Paraphilia 8, June 23, 2010.

"Four Years of Darkness".  Article.   Paraphilia 9, September 23, 2010. Paraphilia Books



"Drowning in My Own Reflection".   Interview with James Bidgood.  Paraphilia 1, March 11, 2009. Paraphilia Books


"I Survived Andy Warhol" (article); "Crawling" (photo).   Interview with Holly Woodlawn.  Paraphilia 2, April 29, 2009. Paraphilia Books


"That Old Bump and Grind" (article); "Dead Man on Ice" (photo).  Article and Photographs.  Paraphilia 3, June 23, 2009.  Paraphilia Books


"Serpent" & "Abyss".  Photographs.   Paraphilia 4, August 27, 2009. Paraphilia Books


"My Secret Museum".  Article and Photographs.   Paraphilia 5, October 29, 2009. Paraphilia Books



Various portraits of Lydia Lunch.   Photographs.   Lydia Lunch: "The Gun is Loaded", June 1, 2008. Black Dog Publishing, UK


"Late Bloomer: Interview with Mike Garson".   Interview with artist.  Norway Rock Magazine, April 2008. Nordic Rock Publishing


Manufacturing Dissent“ (European Cultural Capital 2008).   Article on Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens and Tom Garretson performance art.   Tou Works 1 & 2 1 & 2, July 2008. Tou Works



"En lettkledd revolusjon".  Article on burlesque, photographs.  Inside Magazine 1, April 2007. Inside Magazine Publishing


Four photographs of NYC punk scene in the late 1970's.  Masters, Mark: "No Wave", October 2007.  Black Dog Publishing, UK


"Sound Advice: Agents Workshop".   Article on music agents.  Tunes Magazine, February 2007. Tunes forlag



Annie Sprinkle Biography.  Biography for three-volume book.  "The Historical Encyclopedia of Prostitution", June 2006. Greenwood Publishing Group


Einmal Kommt die Liebe "Røversanger".   Photograph of band in book.  "Vin, Piker & Sang", October 2006. Spartacus Forlag


"New York Sin City".  Article and photographs.   Mute Magazine, May 2006. Mute Magazine


Arve Tellefsen, "Aria".  Promotion and Marketing materials, biography for CD launch.  "Aria" Grappa (GRCD 4250), November 2006. Grappa AS


The Portrait of the Artist as a Gun.   Article in CD booklet for Lydia Lunch's "Deviations on a Theme".  Lydia Lunch.  Provocateur Media



Karin Krog "Sweet Talker".  Biography & promo/marketing materials.  "Sweet Talker" CD launch, October 2005. Grappa AS


Anne Grete Preus Official English biography.   Bio for the artist. June 2005. Anne Grete Preus/WEA AS



"Sound and Smoke: The Music of the Berlin Cabaret Era".  Liner notes, bios, marketing and promo material.  "Sound and Smoke" CD launch Provocateur Media (PROV04001), April 2004. Provocateur Media



Silje Nergaard "Nightwatch".   Biography & promo/marketing materials.  "Nightwatch" CD launch, April 2003. Universal Music



Karin Krog "Raindrops, Raindrops" CD notes.   Label: Crippled Dick Hot Wax GmbH.  "Raindrops, Raindrops" CD launch, May 2002. CDHW Records GmbH



Silje Nergaard "At First Light".   Biography & promo/marketing materials.  "At First Light" CD launch, November.  Universal Music

"Annie Sprinkle: It All Started With Popcorn".   Interview and photographs.  Blikk Magazine, 10 October, 2001. Blikk Magazine Publishing


"Our Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence".   Interview and photographs.  Hot Rod Magazine 2, April 2001. Hot Rod Publishing


"Erotic Artifice: A Conversation with James Bidgood".   Interview.  Hot Rod Magazine 1, February 2001. Hot Rod Publishing



Silje Nergaard "Port of Call" .   Biography & promo/marketing materials.  "Port of Call" CD launch , November 2000. Universal Music


Annie Sprinkle official biography.   Bio written for website and publicity purposes.  For the artist.  May 2000.  


"Surviving Andy Warhol: Interview with Holly Woodlawn".   Interview with artist.  Hot Rod Magazine 3, May 2000. Hot Rod Publishing



Morten Gunnar Larsen "Fingerbreaker" biography.   Marketing and Promo materials.  "Fingerbreaker" CD launch.  PolyGram / Decca (460 499-2), October 1999. Decca Records UK/Universal Music



Lydia Lunch Portrait.  Photo on inner sleeve foldout.   "The Devil's Racetrack" CD booklet , May 1998. Almafame Ltd.


Lydia Lunch official biography.   Biography for artist. .   Biography for publicity purposes , June 1998. Lydia Lunch



Karin Krog CD liner notes, biography & promo/marketing materials for "Jubilee" (Verve/PolyGram 523 716-2).  For PolyGram/Verve Records.  "Jubilee" CD launch , June 1994. PolyGram AS



The Crime of Passion.  Article on the Marquis de Sade.   Banzai , Banzai Forlag AS


The Stranger Beside Me, or Foetus on the Tongue.   Article and Interview with Jim Thirlwell.  Banzai ,  Banzai Forlag AS

1984 -87


Contributor.   Various interviews and articles.   Banzai , 1984 -87. Banzai Publications

1980 - 82


Contributor.   Ghost writer contributor of record reviews..   Nye Takter , 1980 - 82. Nye Takter

1977 - 80


Photographs and interviews.   Photographs and interviews with musicians and bands. Punk fanzine.  South Jersey's No Fun 1 - 6, 1977 - 80. SJNF



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