A R T I S T   C U R R I C U L U M    V I T A E


2014 - 2016: Art History (Master), University of Oslo, Norway. Thesis: "Dancing on the Edge of the Abyss: George Grosz,

Otto Dix, Christian Schad and the Influence of Cabaret Culture."

2011 - 2013: Art History (Bachelor of Arts), University of Oslo, Norway

2012 - 2013: Musicology (Bachelor of Arts), University of Oslo, Norway. Completion of degree.

2008 - 2010: Oslo Fotokunstskole (Associate Fine Arts), Oslo School of Art Photography, Norway.

1989 - 1990: Jazz Performance (major), Loyola School of Music, New Orleans, USA. Dean's List of Scholars.

1985 - 1989: Musicology (major), Poetics (minor), New York University, New York, USA.

C O U R S E S  

2020: Dynamic Figure Drawing, with Shane Wolf, Paris, France

 Piano lessons (virtual teaching) with Prof. Pamela D. Pike, Louisiana State Univ. (March-November)

Effective Editing: How to Take Your Writing to the Next Level.  6-week workshop with Molly McCowan, Editor &

Writing Coach.

Writing Great Fiction.  12-week workshop with Prof. James Hynes. 

2014: Woodcut Printing workshop, Norske Grafikeres Verksted

2010: African Art and Aesthetics, Towson University, Baltimore, MD, USA..

2009: Two-week workshop in Hainan, China (Haikou and Sanya), with artists Weng Fen,

Fin Serck-Hanssen, and Liu Ying.

2008: Oil Painting classes, Else Marit Aanerud, Hjerterom Maleskole og Atlier.

2004: Drawing workshop with Dag Vatle, Dalype Galler. 

2003: Páte de Verre & Glass Fusing classes with Detlef Tanz. 

2002: Stained Glass classes with Rogier van Grieken.

2001: Tiffany Technique Glass classes with Britt Edvin.

1982: Performance Art Workshop with Wenche Mulheisen, Det Blå Huset, Oslo.


S O L O   E X H I B I T I O N S

2024: Magnetisme.  Nord-Odal Library, Nord-Odal, Norway.

2019: Baroque Grotesque.  Galleri Schaeffersgt. 5, Oslo, Norway. 

2012: Name Your Poison.  Låvegalleriet Lyshuset, Sør-Odal kunstforeningen, Skarnes, Norway

2009: Nord-Odal Bibliotek (Nord-Odal Library), Norway

Guttersaint. Volumfestivalen / Elverum Kunstforening, Elverum, Norway.  Priority Artist.

2008-2019: Bruvoll Fengselsbibliotek (permanent exhibition), Bruvoll, Norway

2000:  Rising Artist Series.  Radical Artists Workshop.  Oakland, CA. USA.  February.

1999:  Exhibition.  Chance Gallery.  San Francisco, CA, USA.  October. 

G R O U P  E X H I B I T I O N S

2024: European Capital of Culture 2024. 20-28 April. Bodø kulturhus.  Bodø, Norway.

          Wünderkammer, Pride Art.  6 September - 15 October.  Oslo, Norway.

2023: Wünderkammer, Pride Art. 6-15 October. DOGA, Oslo, Norway.

         "Kampen Forsetter", Pride Art. 25 June - 25 July 2023.  SKOKS, Oslo, Norway.

Manglerud Gård. 15-30 April.  Pride Art.  

Queer Spirit, Pride Art. 14-20 February. Kulturkirken Jakob, Oslo, Norway.
Queer Spirit, Pride Art.  11-30 August.  Strømsø kirke, Drammen, Norway.

2022: Sandefjord Kunst- og Kulturkirke. 25 October - 20 November.  Sandefjord, Norway.

          Wünderkammer, Pride Art. 7-16 October. DOGA, Oslo, Norway.

          Skape(t), Oslo Bymuseet (Oslo City Museum). June 9 - 22 November.  Oslo, Norway.

Olsokutstilling, Stiklestad Festival, Stiklestad Nasjonale Kultursenter, Verdal, Norway. 26 July-31September.

2021: Galleri Schaeffersgt. 5 - 10th Anniversary Retrospective Exhibition. September.  Oslo, Norway. 

2017: Finnskogsutstilling.  10 - 12 March, Finnskogen, Norway.

2014: September 2014 – January 2015: Pride 2014 Revisited.  Curated by Lill-Ann Chepstow Lusty.

Historical Museum, Oslo, Norway.

2010:  November 2010 – January 27, 2011: Ecosexuals in Love. Curated by Annie Sprinkle. Trisolini Gallery, 

Ohio University School of Art, Athens, Ohio, USA. 6 portraits.

October: Galleri Podium, OFKS, Oslo, Norway

July: Fotobasert Sjablongmalerie (Photography-based Stencil Paintings), OFKS, Oslo, Norway

Hemmligheter & Løgner (Secrets and Lies), OFKS, Oslo, Norway

2009: September: Fagforbundets Landsmøte, Oslo, Norway

May: OFKS Year End Exhibition, Oslo, Norway

February: Art Photography From Norway, Hainan University College of Fine Arts Gallery, Haikou, China

2008: OFKS GALLERI, Oslo, Norway

2007: June: Skeivekunstnere, Oslo, Norway

1999: August: Oakland Center for the Arts, Oakland, CA.  

1998: October-November: Day of the Dead Art Exhibition, Buena Vista Arts Center, San Francisco, CA. USA.

A R T   &   T H E A T E R   P E R F O R M A N C E

2012: Name Your Poison, Photo-Performance Art, Låvegalleriet Lyshuset, Skarnes, Norway

2011: On Pleasure.  Three-year art photograpy "Exquisite Corpse" project with Lydia Lunch (US) and Joyce Lui Ying


2009: US THEM, Phototerroristas performance, OFKS, Oslo, Norway (November 26, 2009)

Burning Lights.  Poetry/music performance as part of Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens‘ Eco-Sexual Blue Wedding By The Sea at the Fear Pavilion (Spain), Venice Biennale 2009, Italy.

2008: Free Sidewalk Sex Clinic performance with Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens, Stavanger 2008 

European Cultural Capital Festival

1997: Concrete Net. Voice-over for video by Jøran Rudi.

1992: The AlterPorn Cabaret, three month-long art performance cabaret, Pigalle, Oslo, Norway (Written,

Directed, Performed)

1987: Battered Bait. Performance, Renegat Club, Oslo, Norway

1985: Various Dramatic Poetry Performances in New York and New Jersey, USA

1984 - 87: Danger’s Back & Baxter Danger, Off-Broadway theater by Edward Weiss, at the Nameless

Theater and 8 BC, New York City

The Onyx Fool by Edward Weiss, The Courtyard Playhouse, New York City

A R T S   G R A N T S   A W A R D E D

2023:  Composing and Production Grant, for "Marquesa".  Norwegian Arts Council (Norsk kulturråd)

2022:  Writer's Development Grant, for "Marquesa". Norwegian Arts Council (Norsk kulturråd)

2004:  Music Research and Recording Grant, for "Sound and Smoke" recording.  Fund for Practicing Artists, Arts Council
           Norway (Fond for Utøvende kunstnere, Norsk kulturråd)

1992:  Theater Production Grant for "The AlterPorn Cabaret", Arts Council Norway (Norsk kulturråd)

M U S I C   C O M P O S I T I O N

2023:  Marquesa.  Theater music and songs for play written with Lydia Lunch.

2021: Twilight Dreams.  Film soundtrack, directed by Carla B.

2019: A Baroque Grotesque. Film soundtrack.

2012: Name Your Poison.  Soundscapes for art photography performance. 

2011: Killing Time.  Soundtrack for short film, direct by Lucien Craxton.

2009: Us Them.  Art photography performance soundscapes.

          Burning Lights.  Performance art/music/poetry at the Venice Biennale, Spanish Pavillion. 

2008: Love Art Lab. Composer, performer, producer. With Annie Sprinkle and Elizabeth Stephens

2006: Burning Slowly At Midnight.  Music performance work, 8BC, New York, USA.

2005: String arrangements for Einmal kommt die Liebe "Røversanger" recording.  

1992: AlterPorn Cabaret:  Composer, performer. 

1991 - 93: Flames of Paradise.  Composer and performer.

1990:  Cosa Nostra.  Composer, performer. 

1985:  Don't Be Afraid.  Music for theater play, Greenwich Street Playhouse, New York. 

1980 - 83: Wrote songs, sang for the band Bunt Sienna, Norway release 1 album

M U S I C   P R O D U C T I O N

2023:  "Marquesa", songs for the play.  Composed, performed, mixed/mastered. 

2012: Shotgun Wedding (Reissue), Lydia Lunch.  (Atavistic/Cherry Red).  Producer, designer.

2011:  13 13 (Reissue), Lydia Lunch. (Atavistic, USA; Le Son du Marquis, Europe); Producer, Art director.

2009: Queen of Siam (Reissue), Lydia Lunch.  (Atavistic ALP501/Cherry Red CDMRED385). Producer,


Love Art Lab, Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, Guttersaint (Provocateur PROV08001).  Producer, composer, performer.

Shut Up and Bleed, Teenage Jesus and the Jerks/Lydia Lunch (Atavistic ALP500CD/Cherry Red CDMRED367). Producer.

2007: Deviations on A Theme, Lydia Lunch (Provocateur PROV06002). Producer.

2006: Demo sessions for Anne Grete Preus. Producer.

2006: Lydia Lunch: Video Hysterie 1978 – 2006. MVD.  Produced DVD film content.

2005: Røversanger, Einmal Kommt die Liebe (Provocateur PROV06001). Producer.

Aria, Arve Tellefsen (Grappa GRCD4250). Executive Producer.

2004:  Sweet Talker, Karin Krog (Grappa GRCD4219). Executive Producer. Also liner notes.

Demo sessions for Hugo. Producer

Sound and Smoke: The Music of the Berlin Cabaret Era, Opehlia Orchestra (Provocateur PROV04001). Producer.

2001:  From Ragtime to Radio (Ophelia1), Morten Gunnar Larsen/Ophelia Orchestra, Produce:r

At First Light, Silje Nergaard (Universal Music 014748-2). Executive Producer

2000: The Devil’s Racetrack, Lydia Lunch (Almafame ALACD18). Producer

Port of Call, Silje Nergaard (Universal Music 157687-2). Executive Producer

1995: Production consultant for Sterk Naken og Biltyvene, and Barbarellas

1993: Jublee: The Best of 30 Years for Karin Krog (Verve 523716-2). Also liner notes.

1986: Don’t Be Afraid, New York City.  Producer, performer.


2023: MARQUESA: A Philsophical and Political Grand Guignol.  Written by Tom Garretson and Lydia Lunch; Music and Lyrics by Tom Garretson.    


2019: A Baroque Grotesque, 23-minute film.  With Lydia Lunch (voice) and Ensemble Lucifer.  

           Premiered at the Transgressive Cultures Conference, the University of Chicago in Paris, on December 5th, 2019.  

A C A D E M I C    C O N F E R E N C E S

2021: The Transgressive Cultures Conference, the University of Chicago in Paris, on December 8-9.  Co-ordinator,

                Producer, Curator.

2019: The Transgressive Cultures Conference, the University of Chicago in Paris, on December 5-6.  Co-ordinator,          

                Producer, Curator.

2017: The Transgressive Cultures Conference, the University of Chicago in Paris, on November 9-10.   

          The Power of Motifs.  University of Oslo, Oslo, Norway.  September 7-9.

L E C T U R E S   /  P A N E L   T A L K S

2021:   "Film Noir Evening" (Film Noir Aften).   Lecture and presentation of two films with Brita Møystad Engseth.  

                 Milepelen Kulturhus, Nord-Odal, Norway. 

2020:  Dansen på kanten av stupet: Cabarets påvirkning på modernismens kunst; Aker Seniorakaemi, Oslo,  March 25. 

2019:  Premiere of film A Baroque Grotesque and talk "Thoughts on Reading Sade", 2nd Bi-annual Transgressive

                CulturesConference, University of Chicago in Paris, December 5 & 6, 2019.

2017:  "Berlin Cabaret is at the Heart of Transgression."  Paper delivered & presentation at the Transgressive Cultures

     Conference, University of Chicago in Paris, 9 & 10 November 2017.

2015:  "Art Versus Commerce: The Struggle for Artistic Independence" - Panel discussion with Lydia Lunch

      and Weasel Walter.  University of Chicago in Paris, France. October 22, 2015. 


2008 - 2014:  Monthly Creative Digital Photography workshops.

2008 - 2009:  One-year, monthly workshops in Digital Art Photography for inmates at Bruvoll Prison, Norway,

starting November 2008 until November 2009.

P U B L I S H E D     P H O T O G R A P H Y


2022: Nord-Odal kulturminnelag Jul i Nord-Odal: "Punkens gudfar stammer fra Nord-Odal."  Photo of Iggy Pop.

2022: K/ALLE/T: Fortellinger om skeiv kunst, spiritualitet og meningen med livet.  Pride Art, Oslo, Norway. "Dionysus" on 2-page mid section. 

2020: Lydia Lunch The War Is Never Over - A Companion Book to the film by Beth B, by Nick Soulsby (Jawbone Press, UK).  Two photographs of Lydia Lunch.

2015: Flesh and Excess - on Underground Film, by Jack Sargeant (Amok Books, UK).  One photograph of Beth B film poster.

2013: Portrait of Ron Athey in Pleading In the Blood: The Art and Performances of Ron Athey (Intellect Books Ltd, UK)

2008: Portrait of Lydia Lunch in The Gun is Loaded, by Lydia Lunch (Black Dog Publishing, UK)

2007: Four photos in No Wave, by Marc Masters (Black Dog Publishing, UK)

2006: Photo of Einmal Kommt die Liebe, Piker, Vin & Sang by Marta Breen (Spartacus Forlag, Norway)

1977 - 80: Photographs musicians in the underground art rock music scene in New York City

NEWSPAPERS: Verdens Gang, Dagbladet, Aftenposten, Klassekampen, Glåmdalen (Norway)

MAGAZINES: Paraphilia (USA) issues I – 9; Mute Magazine; Banzai; Blikk;  Inside Magazine; Hot Rod (Norway)


Black Hole.  Mark Steiner and His Problems. 

Norske Gutter. Norske Gutter.  FNP Records (FNPR 089)
Arne Fjeld Rasmussen & Hans Ludvig Fredheim: Med Hånda på Klinka

Røversanger, Einmal Kommt Die Liebe 

Deviations on a Theme; The Devil’s  Racetrack; Queen of Siam (Re-issue),  Lydia Lunch

Art  Love Lab, Annie Sprinkle, Elizabeth Stephens, Guttersaint

TELEVISION: Vernon Subutex.  French television fim series, licensing of photograph of Lydia Lunch for use in  series.

T E L E V I S I O N , R A D I O  &  F I L M   A P P E A R A N C E S

2018: Featured guest on NRK P2 Radio "Spillerom", discussing Berlin cabaret

2012: A Short Film About Incompetence. Role of "Diablo".  Film directed by Matt Willis-Jones

2010:  Jentene fra Toten, NRK TV.  Appeared photographing transvestites in episode one.

S E L E C T E D   A U T H O R I N G  /  W R I T I N G

2024: "Times Square's Theatre of Sex". Staging Decadence, Goldsmith University Department of Drama, London,                               UK. 

2018:  "From Dissonant Histories to Transcendent Art" booklet text in Portraying Passion: Works by Weill, Paus, Ives by

Tora Augestad & Oslo Philharmonic Orchestra.   2019 Spellemannpris winner (Norwegian Grammy Award winner).  LAWO Records (LWC1164)

2008 – 2013: Contributing writer and photographer for Paraphilia Magazine, USA

2008: Late Bloomer: Interview with Mike Garson, Nordic Rock Magazine

En lettkledd revolusjon, Inside Magazine

Sound Advice: Agents Workshop, Tunes Magazine

Sound Advice: Managers Workshop, Tunes Magazine

2006: New York Sin City, Mute Magazine

Annie Sprinkle biography for The Historical Encyclopedia of Prostitution (Greenwood Publishing Group, 2006)

2001: Erotic Artifice - A Conversation with James Bidgood, Hot Rod Magazine

Annie Sprinkle: It Started with Popcorn, Blikk

2000:  Surviving Warhol: Holly Woodlawn, Hot Rod Magazine

1984 – 87:  Contributor to Banzai Magazine, Norway

1980 – 82:  Contributor to Nye Takter, Norway

1978 – 79:  Music journalism and photography for South Jersey’s NF (punk fanzine)

E M P L O Y M E N T     E X P E R I E N C E

February 2016 - today:   Board of Advisors, Some Serious Business, Abiquiu, New Mexico, USA

Advisor for artistic projects; Contractual Consultant.

April 2008 - today:  GUTTERSAINT /  Business Manager for artist Lydia Lunch

Freelance producer, curator, and consultant.  Artist, photographer, writer, composer.  Film and music licensing, publishing (music and literature) advisement, recording and creative project leadership. Artist management services.   Clients include Lydia Lunch, Some Serious Business, Nord-Odal kommune, Valkyrje AS, Antinous Art, Beth B, Richard Kern and others. 

January 2008 - October 2014:  Photography Workshop Course Instructor

Teaching photography classes for self-created workshops for private students; digital photography techniques. 

January1998 - April 2008:  WildStar World, Oslo, Norway & San Francisco, California

Providing advice, career direction and business decisions for recording artists Jeffery Smith, Silje Nergaard, Lydia Lunch, Jill Tracy and Morten Gunnar Larsen in self-owned company.  Producer of recorded music.  Independent marketing, promotion and copywriting for clients such as Universal Music, Sony Music, Grappa, Diesel, and others.

February 1996 - March 1999:  Executive Producer for Nick Grace Management Norway AS, Oslo, Norway

Produced music events and concerts; tours for classical & crossover artists. Marketing and promotion. Responsible for artist contact, TV and cinema advertising. Media promotion and public relations. Contract details and logistics.

October 1994 - February 1996:  Product Manager for Sony Classical & Columbia Jazz, Sony Music, Oslo, Norway

Responsible for marketing, promotion and media contact for Sony Classical & Columbia Jazz. Production of TV and radio advertisement.

January 1991 - September 1994:  Label Manager / Classical & Jazz Consultant for PolyGram Records AS, Oslo,


Responsible for marketing, promotion and media contact for Philips Classics Productions, Verve Jazz, and Polydor Records. Classical music consultant for Deutsche Grammophon and Decca Records.

August 1989 - December 1990:  Sales and Jazz Buyer for Tower Records, New Orleans, USA

Responsible for ordering and sales of music carriers, special orders, and customer service.

November 1985 - June 1989:  Administrative Secretary, New York University Department of Music, New York, USA

Responsible for various secretarial duties: receptionist, creation and follow-up of the department´s archives and accounts, maintenance of audio-visual equipment, contact with undergraduate and graduate students of music as well as administrative duties for various institutes such as The American Institute for Verdi Studies, The Center for Early Music, League-ISCM, American Musicology Society and The AMS50 Publications Committee.

August 1983 - July 1984:  Customer Service, J&R Electronics, Inc., New York, USA

Responsible for ordering, receiving, and placement of sound carriers.

March 1981 - March 1983:  Marketing, Sales and PR, MAI Record Company / Norsk SAM-Distribution AS, Oslo,


Responsible for telephone and direct sales to music retailers. Creation of marketing plans and advertising campaigns in cooperation with independent record companies. Contracting record distribution. Contact with music media and artists, organization of press conferences and other arrangements.