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If you have received an invitation to examine some of the archives on sale, please click this button and fill in your provoded username and password. 

If you are an established artist or musician with a presence in your field, consider Guttersaint's services as an agent in the correct method of selling your archive.  

I specialize in handling the archives for artists, photographers, filmmakers, and musicians.  I have extensive experience in these areas and understand its nuances, besides holding academic degrees in musicology, art history, and art photography.  I have also studied conservation of artworks. In addition I hold 40 years of experience working with major and independent labels, including owning and running a successful artist management company and in producing recordings and live shows for internationally recognized artists. 

Using my successful track record in sales, marketing and promotion, my service as a sales agent includes:

  • Advising and overseeing the correct manner of registering all of the items in your archive.  A professional package garners more attention and a better price.

  • Creating pitching advertising materials to solicit interested parties.  This may include a short sales film, at no extra cost to you.

  • Our database of libraries, museums, galleries, art institutions and other interested parties world-wide has been painstakingly collected over three years, and is regularly updated.  We only pitch to parties after researching their interests, and if they are applciable to your archive. 

  • Finding the right institution to take care of and conserve your archive for your legacy.  Also I follow up the purchaser's activities to make sure the archive is properly made available to future researchers as our agreement outlines. 

  • All contractual negotiations to make sure you receive the highest price for your archive under the best conditions for you. 

  • Archive sale is handled by someone with formal university education in musicology and composition, art history, conservation, and art photography.  

  • Use of our software program (for mac) that instantly creates a list of your digital files, so that you won't have to list ever file names on your harddrive that is part of the archive sale (for example, containing email communications, letters, etc.).   This software was programmed in-house to make this tedious duty painless.  It does in 3 minutes what physically would take you months to do. 

  • Help, advisement, and quick response times.

  • The lowest commission rate for archive sales available.  Most agents take 40% to 50% as a commission plus ridiculous expenses.  My rate is 20% of the gross and you don't have to pay for the pitch materials (other than minimal, if any, expenses such as postage costs).  I always keep the client's interests in mind, and never run up expenses.  

  • Currently my database of contacts reaches over 2,700 contacts in 170 countries, and is growing.  I will pitch your archive to international museums, libraries, galleries, and interested parties across the globe, as well as research specific targets that might be of interest for your particular archive. 

Please feel free to contact us at any time should you have any questions regarding the sale of your archive. 

"Tom Garretson has for decades advised and assisted me in my numerous artistic endeavors. As someone who has been involved in production whether it be working with major recording labels, producing live shows, or lecturing on art history his understanding of both art and commerce is unparalleled. Tom is not only a master contract negotiator, but always understands the artist's needs and strives to achieve the most beneficial outcome for his clients. I was thrilled and amazed at his outstanding acumen in handling the sale of my vast and varied archives, which consisted of a multi-decade trove of music, art and literature. Tom handled all of my archive sale particulars, from the initial packaging to the sales pitch in the most professional manner. This resulted in attaining the highest possible price for the sale of my archives to the best purchaser, the renowned New York University. I can’t recommend his services enough.»    

--  Lydia Lunch

"Acting as the sales agent for my Solo Archive and the B Movies Archive Tom guided me through the entire process of preparing the materials necessary to make the sale. For the prospectus, he brought his knowledge of graphic design to create an extensive overview of my work with text and images, which was beautifully executed. The 45 years of my filmmaking and artwork was organized and illustrated in the prospectus in a truly exciting and coherent manner. To clearly log all the items, he provided detailed templates and conveyed how much descriptive information to enter, and the categories to be applied. He reviewed everything that I did with accuracy and thoroughness.

Tom Garretson has shown himself to be highly diligent, extremely dependable, and conscientious. I particularly appreciated his calm demeanor and honesty as well as integrity in all my dealings with him."

-- BETH B, filmmaker, artist