With 40 years experience as an artist, artist manager, producer of live concerts and recordings, 

writer, art photographer and more, my company GUTTERSAINT offers an exceptional and unorthodox approach to business.

No one else offers my international experience and expertise of a vast variety of artistic disciplines. 

And my successful track record proves it. 


40 year's succesful experience in a variety of creative fields

GUTTERSAINT is a freelance creative management and production company focusing on music, the arts, and other artistic fields.   With a background of documented successful projects led by industry veteran Tom Garretson, the company offers the following services:

  • Music and Art Management advice and services

  • Production of live and recorded music, events, theater or other cultural activities

  • Independent Marketing and Promotion for Musicians and Artists

  • Sales of Artist's Archives

  • Music Licensing for films and television

  • Career advisement for musicians seeking professional management consultation on all areas 

  • Music Publishing advisement

  • Contracting for music licensing, synch rights, master rights, literary rights, appearances, merchandising, and film/TV

  • Art Exhibition and Curatorial services

  • Art Historical research

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"His demeanor has always been one of reason, understanding, support and kindness.  Mr. Garretson completely understands the vulnerable nature of the artist, is always encouraging and these traits help to offer comfort and instill trust.  He has always been an invaluable supporter, dedicated overseer, trusted friend.  I highly recommend you consider him as a person of incredible knowledge and vast experience from whom you would benefit greatly from by welcoming into your collective."

-- Lydia Lunch, artist

"I wish every artist had management like you provide.  Our lives would be much easier."

-- Yngve Næss, A&R Director, Universal Music


I started working at my first record company at the age of 18.  They told me I was hired because I was the only applicant that didn't wear a suit but a leather jacket (those were the punk days)!  I've seen both sides of the music industry, as artist and as a label manager for the major labels, and as producer and artist manager for highly successful acts. I've never been bound by genres or categories, and have always sought to deliver the highest quality results -- and have the track record to prove it.

Personal Interests:
My taste in music has been since my teens both punk, classical music, and beyond.  I've always loved classical, but was part of the original 1970s punk scene in New York (where one night I'd hang out at Max's, and the next at the Met!).  In my 20s I got seriously into American roots music, rockabilly, country and R&B, even moving to New Orleans to soak up the atmosphere and music there.  In jazz I favour Thelonius Monk, Betty Carter, Ella Fritzgerald and many others.  In classical music, my preferences range from baroque opera, contratenors, anything from Cecilia Bartoli, Vivaldi, Vinci, and more.  And lots of Weill/Brecht.  Genres for me are areas to explore, and to learn about, and I don't believe life is to be limited by your class, social position or other imaginary cages.  

I've read constantly since I was a child, and favorite writers are Jean Genet, Gore Vidal, Carl Jung, Marquis de Sade, Hubert Selby Jr., and too many others.   I don't really have favorite writers, but more favorite works.  

Areas of Experience Specialty:
Artist Management • Music and Concert Production • Marketing and Promotion of cultural events • Contracting • Music Publishing • Music Licensing • Art Exhibitions • Art Photography • Film and TV Music Placement • Archive Sales for Artists • Art History Research • Copyright 

Some artists I've worked professionally with are Dame Kiri Te Kanawa, Lydia Lunch, Silje Nergaard, Shirley Horn, Arve Tellefsen, Richard Kern, Vladamir Ashkenazy, Sarah Brightman, Betty Carter, Morten Gunnar Larsen, Luciano Pavarotti, Shirley Bassey, Placido Domingo, Anne Grete Preus, and many, many others. 

"He has arranged concert tours for me, which have always been perfectly carried out by him.  Also, I have had a major benefit of his talents for negotiation in regards to my recording contract twith Sony Classical, in which he was primarily responsible for handling.   I have only positive things to express about Tom Garretson, and I can warmly recommend him without reservation."

-- Arve Tellefsen, classical violinist



The name "Guttersaint" is an honor and tribute to one of my favorite writers, Jean Genet.  In my early 20's I read all of his works, and found it an epiphany in terms of aesthetic and poetic possibilities.  The logo is a pan figure (no, NOT Satan), running towards the left, and represents a figure in constant movement and action -- energy in motion.  The knife symbolizes my sharp wit, and the feather a soft-touch.  His tail points towards the right, invoking a sense of balance both philosophically, politically, and in my approach to life. 

"I played the demos that Tom Garretson produced for my new album to my manager.  He said this might be the best work I've ever done."

-- Anne Grete Preus, Norwegian recording artist


I've worked as a label manager for PolyGram (Verve Jazz, Philips Classics) overseeing those labels and bringing them into profit for the first time in PolyGram Norway's history.  I also ran Sony Classical and Columbia Jazz successfully for Sony Music, before being offered a position as Executive Producer with NGM to produce live concert events in theaters, halls, stadiums and in internatonal touring.  This gave me the professional foundation and experience to create my own two management and production companies, WildStar World and Guttersaint. I've worked with so many successful acts and have had a direct hand in breaking sales records in both music industry product sales to concert ticket sales, that my work has received media attention itself -- most recently from my sale of Lydia Lunch's archives to New York University -- written about by world-wide media.  

"I would have never had a career, not to mention two number one chart entries on the pop charts, if it hadn't have been for Tom.  And I'm the only artist in Norway to have all my expenses covered.  You should have Tom Garretson as your manager."  

-- Silje Nergaard in conversation to artist Sondre Lerche


I've worked professionally and creatively for over twenty years with the artist Lydia Lunch, as well as recorded my own music and exhibited my own artworks.  I've produced performance artists such as Diamanda Galas and Annie Sprinkle.    My academic training includes a Master Degree in Art History and a BA in Musicology. My MA thesis focused on the influence of Berlin Cabaret on the visual arts, and how many of modernism's art movements were directly influenced by cabaret.  I continue to exhibit my own artworks in Norway, the USA, and other countries. 


I spent many years in conflict with myself, both working in the music and art industry as a professional and as an artist myself.  Eventually I came to realize that the two were not diametrically opposed, and that my experience both as a creative indivual and as a professional was actually something incredibly rare and positive.  In combining the two sides of my personality, I could provide other artists and musicians something truly unique -- drawing on my professional experience AND my creative side.  And many of my clients recognised this and used this to their benefit.   Indeed, this is why some of my clients want me to work with them.   What I used to in my early youth see as a split package, I now see as a beneficial whole.  Creative AND professional.  

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